Tooth Extraction

Winter Park, FL oral surgeon, Dr. Juan Samaniego, provides surgical tooth extraction, including Wisdom Teeth Removal, efficiently and affordably, with sedation options. Many dentists refer their patients to an oral surgeon for tooth removal for a variety of reasons, for example, the tooth or teeth may be difficult to remove, the patient prefers to have the procedure under IV sedation, the extraction site is to be filled with osseous material for subsequent implant placement, or there are multiple oral health circumstances that can be most efficiently treated by an oral surgeon using IV sedation. Patients are welcome to refer themselves for evaluation of oral health needs and to receive expert recommendations about extraction and also implant replacement of teeth after removal.

Whether you are in need of single tooth extraction or the removal of multiple teeth, Dr. Samaniego has the experience and expertise to provide you with the most comfortable experience—both during your procedure and during post-op healing.

For patients with few healthy teeth, the most conservative treatment with longest lasting results may, indeed, be extraction of the remaining teeth and treatment with a hybrid overdenture fixed on as few as four implants. Dr. Samaniego is an expert in this All-on-4 treatment. In this situation, tooth removal, implant placement, and attachment of a fixed hybrid overdenture can be accomplished in a single visit; hence this treatment is commonly referred to as “teeth in a day.”

When are tooth extractions recommended?

The most common reasons for tooth removal are:

  • Your tooth is severely decayed, such that alternative treatments like a filling, inlay, onlay, or crown would not be sufficient to repair it.
  • You have an infected pulp that is not responding to root canal therapy.
  • Traumatic injury has fractured or broken the tooth.
  • Your mouth is not large enough to accommodate all of your teeth, causing orthodontic issues such as crowding and malocclusion (improper bite).
  • You have additional teeth that prevent proper natural tooth eruption.
  • You are missing many teeth and need to make space for a denture.
  • You do not like the appearance of one of your teeth and other cosmetic treatments cannot correct the issue.

Dr. Samaniego will help you determine if you are eligible for an extraction at your initial consultation.

Simple Tooth Extraction

If the affected tooth has erupted properly and the majority of the tooth structure sits above the gums, Dr. Samaniego can perform a simple extraction. During this procedure, he will use forceps to move the tooth, disconnecting it from surrounding tissue. Once it has been sufficiently loosened, Dr. Samaniego will lift the tooth from the gums to complete the procedure. Depending on your particular circumstances, simple tooth extraction may require just local anesthesia to numb the tissue in the treatment area. However, we can also provide oral or IV moderate sedation to keep you relaxed and comfortable during this process.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

More complex cases require surgical tooth extraction. Using this technique, Dr. Samaniego will make an incision into the gums to access and remove the damaged or unwanted tooth. Surgical extraction may be appropriate for you if:

  • Your tooth must be broken into pieces to be extracted.
  • The affected tooth has not erupted or is impacted (growing in at an abnormal angle), as is often the case with wisdom teeth.
  • Dr. Samaniego would not be able to grip enough of the tooth with forceps to remove it. This is often the case for patients who have broken a tooth at the gum line.

Surgical extractions may require just local anesthesia, but we often recommend utilizing sedation for these more involved procedures.

Non-Opioid Exparel for Long Lasting Pain Control

Dr. Juan Samaniego offers Exparel (bupivacaine), a safe and effective local anesthetic that blocks nerve impulses at the site of injection for three days. You will be comfortable after tooth extraction during the first three days, when soft tissue swelling is greatest.

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