BOTOX® Treatments

BOTOX treatments are the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the United States. BOTOX is a trade name for botulinum toxin, which comes in the form of a purified protein. When BOTOX is injected into the facial muscles, botulinum toxin blocks the transmitters between the motor nerves, so the muscles cannot contract. When the muscles stop contracting, the motion that causes wrinkles in the skin stops, and the skin then starts to smooth out in three to ten days.

The effects of Botox last for approximately three to four months, at which time the patient needs retreatment. It is commonly used for smoothing of facial wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyes, at the outside corners of the eyes and around the lips.
BOTOX also has an adjunctive use for treating patients with chronic TMD or facial pain or for treating patients who have gummy smiles or difficulty adjusting to lip placement around new dentures or orthodontics – as Botox relaxes the muscles and allows the muscles to be “retrained” for comfortable function.

BOTOX is FDA approved for facial aesthetic therapy. The long-term safety of BOTOX has become clinically well established.
Dr. Juan Samaniego has expertise in the injection of BOTOX. Selecting an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon, such as Dr. Samaniego, for cosmetic injections is a wise decision. He has trained in facial anatomy, physiology, and the pharmacology and adverse effects of products. He is also an expert in facial esthetics.

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