Multi Tooth Replacement with Implant-Supported Dentures

If you are one of the Orlando area’s many residents who are missing multiple teeth, Dr. Juan Samaniego can help you restore the form, function, and appearance of your smile. In addition to concerns about appearance, many patients do not want to be troubled by the instability of a removable partial or complete denture. Dental implants also maintain tooth spacing and stimulate jawbone grown, preventing the drifting of teeth and jawbone absorption.

The underside of a multi-tooth bridge or larger partial denture can be modified and attached on multiple dental implants.
Each patient’s circumstances are unique, requiring the evaluation and treatment planning of an expert in oral implant placement and related oral surgery. When multiple teeth are missing, the periodontal gum and bone tissue are often in need of restoration prior to receiving implants. This can be handled exceptionally well in our surgical practice. Because there are often aesthetic considerations when the jawbone has undergone resorption or when the patient has suffered from periodontitis, you will want to be in the care of a specialist like Dr. Samaniego in these circumstances.

If you have lost most of your teeth or all of them, Dr. Samaniego can provide the highest standard in dental implant treatment — Nobel Biocare® All-on-4™. This dental implant treatment is called “All-on-4” because a hybrid denture can be fixed on as few as four dental implants. The entire process of inserting the dental implants and having the hybrid denture attached can be accomplished in the same day. And, due to the unique design of the Nobel Biocare All-on-4 implant components, patients typically don’t need a bone graft or sinus lift first.

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