Cone Beam CT Guided Implant Surgery

Cone beam computer tomography (CBCT) guidance is a new technology that allows our oral surgeon in Winter Park to build a three-dimensional model of your jaw and teeth. Using the latest nSequence modeling software and cone beam CT scans, Dr. Juan Samaniego is able to plan complex dental restoration using dental implants before proceeding with actual surgical procedures. With software guidance and a specialized computer using CT technology, he plans the positioning of implants in relation to the bone and ideal tooth position.

After planning your individualized CT guided treatment, Dr. Samaniego uses a surgical guide to drill into your bone tissue at the exact position and on the precise angle that has been planned for your ideal treatment. All the guess work is taken out of your dental implant surgery, and this assures the best final results for health, function, and the appearance of your smile.

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Dr. Samaniego will talk with you, examine your mouth, and do any required digital x-ray imaging free of charge. We also include a 3D cone beam CAT scan, if one is required. A CAT scan alone is valued at $475.00. Dr. Samaniego will advise you about appropriate implant options for your oral health circumstance, inform you fully about these options, and answer your questions.

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